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A week and a half later, you move back in.  We try again, for the last time.  We argue  here n there, but nothing major.  Just about every weekend is an argument.  Last weekend I worked half the day and you were home when I got home.  We hung out a the house.  Most of the day I was up front reading since it was cold in the room.  We had sex 3 times Saturday, watched tv before bed.  As far as I knew, things were good when we went to sleep.  Apparently, I missed something because 7:30 the next morning I tell you your snoring and your angry response is I’m already on my side I cant be snoring.  I’m gonna find somewhere else to sleep. Throw in a fuck somewhere in there.  Then you angrily get up, put on underwear and shorts and lay back down.  I have no idea what the fuck is up your ass so early, but oh boy, here we go again….  so I get up and you get up to go pee and demolish the fan at the end of the bed.   I head out front to let you do whatever.  A few minutes later you leave the house.  Then I get a text that you’re moving out, send you back the money you sent me the night before.  Shortly thereafter you walk back into the house…..I try to get you to see rationale but you’re not hearing it….so I get in the shower.  You’re still going on about the money and moving at which point I get pissed off.  Shit goes further south from there real quick.  So, you’re out.  Bed, car, clothes, shoes and all.  Haven’t heard from you, which is probably good right now because I’m angry as fuck.  You did exactly what you promised you would never do.  Granted, I was pushing buttons but at this point, there’s no going back.  What’s done is done.  And your petty ass all worried about money that you knew I needed.  You made every effort to hurt me, put me in a hole.  Make me suffer.  For telling you you were snoring. Funny how the little things can be an undoing.  Funny how you put an end to everything over something so simple.  I refuse to cry.  I hold onto my anger because I’m afraid if I don’t Ill forgive you.  I cant.  I cant do this anymore.  I cant put my family through this anymore.  I am done.  You made sure of that.