I find myself in a predicament.  A year ago March I had to fire my maintenance supervisor due to his stupidity and her machinations in the background.  At that time the maintenance tech I had hired 2 months before was promoted to maintenance supervisor.

Here we almost a year later and all of the sudden this guy is accused of multiple issues that were never an issue over the last year.  So much so you would think you were talking about a completely different person.

This man is so non confrontational and easy going that even when he was angry he internalized it and got quiet.  Said his piece and moved on.  That’s not to say he was faultless.  He was a good maintenance tech, he was not a good supervisor.  He was flighty and was always forgetting something, but it was never on purpose.

2 weeks ago there was a bump in maintenance.  There had been grumblings in the background for a minute and I had mentioned it to the supervisor the week before to no avail.  Came to a head after it was discovered one of the units had never been trashed out, was open and accessible to just anyone and looked like someone had been squatting in it at some point.

This would not have been the first time we had noticed squatters.  We had noticed them months ago and had addressed it to everyone to be more diligent.  The problem being this was the beginning of a long list of accusations that would pop up over the next week.

Prior to this there was questioning over appliances, a few times.  I did not realize, at the time, the actual purpose behind all the conversations until everything came to  a head.

The maintenance supervisor was on first name basis with most of the residents and they all had his cell phone number.  This would include a resident that turned out to have rented an apartment by identity theft.  When we evicted said resident she was angry and asked Teddy for help.  When he told her to go to the office, she got mad.  She then called the office and asked for the maintenance guy renting apartments nightly.  I had Donna speak with the maintenance staff, they were all clueless.  When nothing came of that, same person, assumed, called the corporate office and named Teddy as renting units nightly.

This is convenient and suspicious in itself.  We do not put the corporate name or number out there anywhere so someone had to look to find it and they had to know where to look.  But at that point they had to know they weren’t going to get answers on rentals but cause issues for the accused.

Right behind that there was the accusation that he was selling drugs on property because supposedly a resident asked the guy who comes from corporate for 3 hours a day, was asked nonchalantly, if he thought the guy had any weed on him still.

Now, after this my boss is adamant he wants an accounting of all the old appliances.  Where they went and why.

Wednesday last week it became the question of whether I was aware or in on everything.  It got back to me.

You can not accuse one of my staff of all of this and not being throwing shade at me too.   They are my responsibility.  If you are questioning them you are questioning me in one of 2 ways.  Is she ignorant and naïve to not know or is she in on it too?  Both insulting, to say the least.

Now, Thursday, just before 10pm I get videos and a phone call.  Fire dept is at one of the buildings and they believe its an electrical fire in the walls. Turns out someone turned the heat on and when it kicked on it started burning up the dust from construction.  He was instantly accused because she swore her guys turned off the breakers and left it on air.

A week before we had an issue with one of the residents loitering outside vacant units receiving packages. When I explained it to my boss, holy shit!  Maintenance supervisor is in cahoots with him too!  He’s feeding him addresses of vacant units to mail his packages.

So now the list of accusations over a week period now consist of:

Selling appliances on the side, renting apartments nightly, selling drugs on property, attempting to set a unit on fire and laundering money with a resident.

Tell me how this man has worked at the property for a year with no hint of any of this behavior and all of the sudden he is this criminal genius.

Friday my boss seemed to be trying to convince me he had all the evidence he needed and believed every accusation to be true.  I had already declared my intent to find another job on Wednesday.  In his effort to convince me he was right he disclosed that she had heard from one of  her contractors that he had seen the maintenance supervisor on site very angry and he was scary.  A week later there was an accusation of an altercation between my super and her cabinet people.  This particular incident was witnessed be several people, but none were questioned to the validity of the accusation.  Again, she has now been the cause for question on 2 of my maintenance supers.  The last one he accused of gossiping repeatedly even after he had stopped talking to anyone.  Then he stared her down, making her feel threatened.

I don’t understand how this sequence of events came to happen, but I’m willing to bet she maneuvered a good portion of it with the intent of getting him removed.  Mission accomplished.  I was instructed to let him go on Friday for fear he would attempt to burn another building down.

Saturday he accrued another innuendo accusation of draining the pool and spa or causing the problem.

This leads me to my personal predicament.  How can I work for someone who has to question as to whether I am trustworthy, naïve and or ignorant to not see what he so clearly sees.  How can I work for someone who can so easily be swayed to believe such an outrageous list of accusations without any evidence at all?  Can I work for someone when in the back of my mind I’m feeling second guessed and questioned because I should have seen what he saw so clearly.

Pride, integrity, dignity, ethics, morals.  These are all important to me.  I am an honest person and I work my ass off at my job.  Have I shot myself in the foot by deciding to leave?

Leaving means a pay cut, moving off property, interviews, resumes, new people, new everything.  And even if I decided to change my mind, I don’t know that it would be accepted.  Too much water under that bridge so to speak.