What is the problem now?!  We both got home about the same time.  We talked about water parks, I cooked dinner, we ate and somewhere in there you copped an attitude.  Of course I asked..and the more agitated you got.

Kac wanted to watch a movie.  I asked you to come cuddle on the couch with me.  You opted to lay  in bed, stare a the ceiling listening to your headphones.  I came back in about half way through the movie, told you I had too much energy after sitting in the office all day.   So, I decided to go get school supplies, rather than wait for the rush this weekend.  I get to Walmart and you send a message that youre going out for a while.  Really.  Ok.  I still have no idea whats up your ass.

This morning, I forgot to set my DO Not Disturb to 9ish instead of 7:30 so my phone starts making noises.  I shut it off, and think… I might as well go walk units.  I should be working this weekend.  But, I decided we  would spend the weekend since you weren’t working.  But as usual, you have gone and ruined the weekend by starting stupid fights.

When you asked me how long I was going to be, and then took it further you made a choice.  And maybe you figured youd call my bluff or youd just be back when you were ready.  I told you, I cant keep doing this.  I cant deal with you leaving everytime you get a bug up your ass.

I’m not your mom.  IM not your teacher.  I’m not one of your kids.  I’m not your therapist.  At this point I guess I am nothing.  Because par for the course, you packed your shit and left again.  I cant.  I just cant.  And what hurts the most is I love you and it seems a stupid thing to get stuck on but dammit…running away doesn’t solve anything.  Its not fair that you just up and go and figure it will be fine in a few days whatever.