20 Year old tells me he is moving back to PA with his friend once he turns 21.  Lots of things going on with this, but he is an adult.  Who am I to point out the fact that you’re in the middle of post cancer treatment follow ups with PET Scans and blood work and a fucked up thyroid.  Lets just up and move.  Ok.  Because you know your dad will be of no help.  You wont go to school.  You wont follow up.  You wont have any kind of medical coverage, but ok.  Yu move back to PA with your friend because he says he can get you a job and a place to live for $200 a month.  That’s the way to cover all the angles.  Just bought a brand new car with payments and all….

16 year old decided shes over school.  So she quit and is doing GED classes.  Sleeps all day and does an hour or 2 of class a night.  Cant be bothered to help during the day much less think about cooking dinner to help out.

14 year old is a lazy shit.  Cant say anything to her without her getting loud, sarcastic and or rude as hell.  Shes been told for over a week now to pack the dvds to go into storage.  Hasn’t done a damn thing.

Tonight was not a good night.