Moms New Rules

Clean up behind yourself. Do NOT leave anything sitting in the sink, on the counter or on the stove. If you use it, wash it.

Do NOT wait for me to come home at 6:30 or later and ask me whats for dinner. There is food in the kitchen. Cook something. If you don’t like whats in the kitchen, then by all means, get a job and buy what YOU want. If you cook dinner, the ones who didn’t cook can wash the pans. If you cook just for you, then you wash the dishes you used.

I am not paying for cell phones anymore. Jacob, you are 20. You want to be an adult and do adult things and make your own decisions. That’s great. You can supply your own phone. Kacey, you are 16 going on 17 in 4 months. You want to quit school, do your GED and pretend you’re an adult. NO problem.   I will treat you that way. Same rule applies to you. Get a job, supply you’re own phone. You have plenty of free time to do so. Cell phone bills are due on the 20th. July 20th you either pay me for services or I shut it off. Kathryn, you are 14, although you seem to think you’re 21. You are not. I don’t owe you a thing. You are housed, fed and clothed. That is all that is required. That is all I am doing from now on. You want something you will have to earn it one way or another. The next sarcastic remark, smartass comment, wrong tone of voice, sideways look and I will slap you. I am sick and tired of the rude and disrespectful behavior. You can have your phone back when you fish it out of the canal.

Do your own laundry. If I see a pile of clothes anywhere I will pick it up and relocate it to the dumpster. I see no reason to live in a pig sty. I am trying to move us in to a better apartment, better circumstances better everything and the more I work to get these things for US the less I get from you. I am over spoiling the lot of you. I am over all the bullshit whispers and complaints. And I am sick and tired of feeling like I don’t do enough because you are constantly asking for more. Enough. I am done.

Do not leave anything in the bathroom. If its not yours don’t touch it. Pretty basic stuff people.

We have been moving for 2 weeks now. 2 weeks and not one thing has been taken to storage. 2 weeks and the apartment next door is still filthy. 2 weeks and it takes Z losing patience and screaming at Kathryn like a lunatic before she decides to box the 1st DVD. I am done. I should not have to tell any of you that it needs doing. You are home all day. You have access to the unit. To storage, to everything . You have chosen to leave it til someone gets mad and starts yelling. I am done.  And its not just this instance. Its all the time. With just about everything. None of you can be bothered until I ask about it or get mad about it. And Kathryn, even then you could care less. So, I am done. I am done. I am done. Figure it out yourselves.

Z…I love you deeply, but you have to get a grip on your temper.  Getting mad because you cant get the damn couch apart is one thing Screaming at Kat like that, with  no provocation, was unnecessary.  Beating Jacob up with the couch, whether inadvertently or not, because he suggested not taking 2 hours to take it apart wasn’t nice.  Apologizing to me was not the answer.  Getting pissed because I said I wasn’t the one you owed an apology to was childish.  Stop and put yourself in the others shoes.  I told you to leave it be repeatedly.  You came home ready to go.  I wasn’t.  I offered to have it done for you and you refused.  So instead, Z is ready to go and everyone else must be too.  So now we have Jacob exhausted because he worked the last half of the day.  I’m exhausted in general and still trying to cook dinner, Kats just lazy and had no clue she was supposed to be doing anything anyway and Kac was hiding at that point.  Lets all be bitchy to the max!  Not a good night and I’m over it all.