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Lets start with some background.

Closing was September 30th last year.  I guess around that time the GC for the new owners started coming around to get a feel for what she had to work with and get done.

Shortly after closing my maintenance supervisor decided to quit.  He didn’t like the new company policies.  He had been with the previous owner, at this property, for like 12 or 13 years.  New owners came in and you are effectively a new employee.  Vacation and sick time and insurance resets.  You have no seniority or perks for longevity.  He was unhappy.  Took me almost a month to replace him with someone.

I happened to find someone who had been in maintenance previously but had spent the last few years working for himself.  He wanted a steady income and schedule so he took the pay cut and came in to work for me.

He wasn’t perfect.  No one is, but he worked his ass off for me.  He did what I needed him to do, no bitching no complaining no questions.  He just did it.

Shortly after he was hired in the GC hears from her AC guy that he knows my guy and he is an asset to have on hand.  So, she gets the bright idea she can pull him from me and use him for construction.  So, I get a call from her asking if I can lend him to her for a one off deal of some ac work at the other property.  She said she wanted to get an ok from me before she went to the boss for permission.  (Found out later, that never happened.)  Ok, no problem.

She offers him the position and he turns her down.  Personality clash and he really just wanted stability.  Its after he turns her down that she begins to have issues with him.  He’s lazy and disrespectful and gossiping and she doesn’t think he should be working for anyone in the company.  It came to a head around January, I’d say, where he was being pulled between maintenance and responsibility at one property and ac work, that turned out to be more than just the one off I was told about, keeping him backed up.  She starts complaining she’s getting backed up in construction because he’s not getting the ac work done and I’m not letting him go because I have issues on property that need to be addressed.

He’s trying to keep everyone happy says he can work nights and weekend, but she doesn’t want that at all.  He needs to be supervised and no over time.  She used him to get what she wanted effectively and that was to subcontract out the extra work.  So now she’s made him look bad to my boss and gotten her way.  January she accuses him of gossiping and saying crap about her to her workers.  Supposedly they came to her to tell her all about it.  So she then hits up my boss again and complains and I have to issue a warning to my guy to stop gossiping.  He told me what was said to who and in what manner as well as they were all talking shit too so none of them had room to be ratting on him, but regardless he avoids her from this point on.

Fast forward to yesterday.  She hired a new guy in about 3 weeks ago and he seems to be a supervisor of sorts for her, from what I can tell.  Supposedly, Juan went to this guy gossiping, yet again. So again she goes to my boss.  He calls me pissed off, because he is protective of his people, and I again have to issue a 2nd warning and tell  him next complaint and he is fired.

Now who can work in an environment like that.  You swear you haven’t talked to the guy and don’t even know who he is but he just put you on blast and it may cost you your job.  Well, she already had my boss on a roll so she tipped him by texting him an hour or so later about my guy making her feel uncomfortable.  She says she was walking in and he was walking out and he “stared her down” as he walked out.  I get the message, make the notes in the file and fire him.

Are you fucking kidding me?!!  This is fucked up on so many levels its not even remotely amusing.

First off, she just cost a guy his job out of spite.  Not only his job but his home because after his 90 days he moved into an apartment on site.

Second of all, its end of month.  I am now down a man with 20 units coming out this weekend.

Third of all, everyone of his teammates just saw what you did.

Now lets get to the fact that I have played nice, bent over in knots to keep you happy.  You have been rude and/or disrespectful to me and my people consistently.  My maintenance supervisor at the other property told me last week he is no longer interacting with you directly.  From now on he will come to me and I can go to you.  While this is ridiculous, what else can I do but agree.

That is now 2 of my people you have rubbed wrong to the point they avoid you.  Difference between us is I know who my people are.  I know what they can and cant and will and wont do.  You cant say the same because you have so many people in and out you cant keep track of who is who.  So yes, I absolutely will defend them when you make accusations.

And you want to talk about gossiping.  Keep your watchdog father in law away from my people and tell him to mind his own business.  He doesn’t need to be keeping tabs on my people or gossiping about it to my other people.

Point in fact, Monday he came in and sat down and told the girls at the front desk all about how I sent 2 guys from one property to the other and he saw them all sitting in the clubhouse doing nothing.  First of all, its none of your business what my people are doing.  Second of all, I sent them over at noon so none of them had a lunch break.  So if they all sat down and ate at the same time, good for them.  Not to mention that the 2 I sent didn’t get back on property til well after 5 and the ones who stayed worked til 6 when they were all supposed to be clocked out at 5.  My people work their asses off for me.

And til now I have told everyone to just let it go, we all have to work together,  but how long before she decides she doesn’t like someone else and this crap starts all over again.

So, her rules now apply to her and her people.  She wants or needs something she is to come directly to me.  Not maintenance, not the front office.  Tell your people not to ask my people for anything.  They all need to direct it through you to me. Period.  I will not have you costing me any more of my team.