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So the question was, ” Why am I so mentally exhausted?”

Let me take you through my week.

Monday – Still pissed off from Sunday night so I’m already not in a good mood.  I get up, get Kat to school then head to my 1st property. Leasing agent at property 2 calls and says her daughters sick and she cant get a sitter.  2nd leasing agent at property 1 texts in she lost her sitter all together and is looking for an alternative. Its Monday morning so I have to get payroll done before anything else.  There’s a blizzard coming in up North and payroll has to be done ASAP in case the office is closed for bad weather.  Run the payroll for this one, 5 employees, np problem.  By 9:45 I’m headed to the 2nd property.  And I go in to get payroll done.  Now, to get payroll you have to understand everyone clocks in and out with a fingerprint time clock that’s networked into my computer.  I have to access the program, make sure its seeing the clock, download all the new data and then run the reports.  From there I have to review all the clock ins and outs to make sure they are all accounted for and all the hours are correct. Then I have to run the individual reports, get them signed then scanned and submitted.  I have to do this for 20+ people at this property only 7 of those are actually mine.  The rest are construction on the renovations taking place within the multiple units in various phases.  It takes time. Now, the Friday before, the email went out that my boss wants payroll by noon, to which I replied, I have both properties and a lot of people to review, but I would get it done ASAP.  At which point the internal GC who hired the umpteen other employees chimes in with ..I want my payroll by 10am.  Alrighty then.

This is also after, on Friday, she walks a unit with me after move out and takes photos and sends them to my boss because we transferred the couple into one of the renovated  units.  So now he wants to know why we transferred such pigs into one of our newly renovated units.  First of all, I did walk the unit and aside form the tub, the unit was cleaned.  Couple has lived on site in that unit since 2007.  10 years in the same unit. Second of all, what business is it of hers who is in and out of the units.  She’s construction.  Not management or property staff.  She’s out of there as soon as the units renovations are done.  What does she care and who does she think she is trying to get me in trouble.  Anyway..so I’ve got this eating at me all day but I know neither of us are going anywhere and we have to work together so …deal with it.

So, get payroll done and I try to move onto some of the other crap I have to do, boss calls to go over payroll….of course.  He fired his assistant the week before so he is doing it himself for the 2nd week in a row now.  I’m at the 2nd community so I don’t have the timesheets from the 1st one, but I do remember so we review.  He’s good and I move on to ty to get some stuff done.  My day typically consists of answering questions, explaining procedures, walking units, interacting with the GC for construction, communicating with residents and corporate.  In between all that I have to get quotes for projects.  Keep track of maintenance staff.  Make sure all the units are in line and on schedule for what needs done while coordinating with construction on access and turnover on their units.  Not to mention the painters painting the exterior of the property, plumbers  having to shut down water occasionally and the landscapers following the painters to get the sod and plants down.  Monday also started 2 weeks of 38 Australian pines being removed in the forest are a the front of the property so……pissy residents.  Monday was also the first day that Code enforcement stopped by on the flags and sign we had up, which isn’t allowed.  At all.

3:30ish I get a call form the 2nd leasing agent at property 1.  She has to quit.  Hasn’t been able to find a solution to her sitter issue.  She just got hired in a week before.  Uniforms had just arrived that day in the mail.  So, I’m back at property 1 by 4.  I call and phone interview and then interview someone referred to me. to replace the leasing agent who had to quit.

Now, we had a meeting around the 1st about the renovations to the leasing office at the first property.  At the end of that meeting I asked…do I need to have the office out by the 15th?  I was told, wait.  They would let me know.  Fast forward to Monday, the 13th.  I pop an email to my boss asking when we are starting because I still haven’t heard anything.  He says the 15th, confirm with the GC.  So I send the email on asking for confirmation.  I move through my day and get to Tuesday.

Tuesday, I’m at property 1 and I’m trying to get a deposit done, walk the property, reply to emails, and update reports.  Also, I have to get with our marketing guru to reformat our market survey, as requested on Friday by my boss.  He increased pricing at both properties on Friday and we are working on a Broker Party so we can get units rented.  Spinning my wheels til I got on the phone with her at around noonish.  We are reviewing data, surfing websites of competitors, deciding who to keep and where to put the data and who to zap.  1ish I would say the GC comes in and shes like, confirm, yes we are starting tomorrow I need you out.  Okie dokie.  No problem.  So, I’m on the phone go over marketing materials til a little after 3.  I then try to respond to the 50 emails I missed while on the phone and the guys have started trying to empty the office.  Internet goes down.  Great.  So , I give up, close it all out and get to emptying the office.  Now, its so late in the day that we just need it out of the office so we put it all in the clubhouse.  6:30 and everything but my desk and the file cabinet are out of the office.  I cant work so …I’m out with everyone else.

Wednesday morning.  Text messages start, phone calls begin at 8.  I haven’t removed everything and the clubhouse cant stay like that.  My boss wants to  know why its not done.  I remind him of the meeting to which he replies, no we had a hard date of the 15th. In my head I’m thinking if that was the case, which it wasn’t, why didn’t you day so on Monday when I asked instead of having me confirm with the GC?!   So..I finish dropping Kat at school, run out for more boxes, come back and we get it all moved out into another unit we were using for storage. I still have no network, phone, or internet at this point.  About 1ish I head to property number 2.  I have to be there to pay the guy installing the heater for the spa and I have crap I have to do. Gotta meet the boss to go over some stuff.  He was supposed to interview a leasing agents replacement, but she cancelled.  Have to re walk 2nd floor units to see which 10 I can take back from reno to re rent.  Trying to update the vacancy report, renewals and keep track of maintenance, construction.  Construction works from 8-5.  Office works fro 9-6.  I left the office at 7 something because the kids wanted to go out to dinner.

Thursday morning, straight to the 2nd property because construction is expecting 8 more applicants.  I usually have to run the backgrounds.  Thankfully the GC brought her assistant in from WPB so she handled most of it.    Walked to 2 models, water leak found in the ceiling of the shower in the 1/1 bath.  Upstairs unit required some plumbing work.

This kind of outlines what I do but theres so much more in between.  I cant even remember half of it.  I just do it.  And don’t get me wrong…I like my job.  I like the company and co workers and if it weren’t for the renovations happening I would love my job.  But that’s just part of it temporarily.  Regardless it does take a lot from me.  I try not to let it affect my personal life but sometimes it cant be helped.  When you work 5 days a week and 2 nights a week….you need a mental break occasionally.