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20 year old has had a rough go of it since November.  He has had his right testicle removed, which then tested positive for Embryonal Cancer.  He had nothing show up on the CT scan they did, but bloodwork shows tumor markers at 190.  I’m sure the Urologist who removed the testicle said tumor markers were non existent pre surgery.  Post surgery, Oncologist says he sees no record of pre surgery bloodwork.  Wants to re do bloodwork to see if the numbers are going up or down.  They tripled.  From 190 to 791 in 4 weeks.  So..even though the scans show nothing, there is cancer somewhere so they started Chemo on Monday.  9 weeks of it. Monday through Friday.  7 hours the first day and 5 hours a day the rest of the week.  Poor kid isn’t easy to find a vein so they stick him 2-3 times to get the I.V. in every morning.  This morning the I.V. popped and they had to re do it mid treatment.

Next 2 weeks he only goes on Monday for about 2 hours.  Then he starts the cycle over.  Monday through Friday, Monday, Monday.  3 cycles totaling 9 weeks.  Doctor says guaranteed hair loss by the 2nd week.

He is supposed to start taking 100 mg of vitamin B6 to help with nerve damage.  He has to be careful of what he eats, and the cats and infections.  With all the poison they’re pumping into him his immune system is screwed.  Wouldn’t be good for him to get a cut, which wont clot, or to get an infection or sick because he has no defense against it right now.

I dropped him on Monday and picked him up for the first treatment.  He took himself Tuesday and tried again on Wednesday, except his car decided to give him issues so half way there he had to Uber in.  He then Ubered back to his car and drove it back home with no issues.  He has been taking Uber since then and it seems to be working.  He calls, gets there and gets home without having to wait on me or anyone else to pick him up.

He spent Monday on the phone with his school trying to figure out what to do about his classes.  He was told to take a medical withdrawal which should keep him from hurting his transcripts and financial aid.  Only problem with that is he has to find the time and energy to bring documentation into the dean of the school to get it all approved.  He’s been doing chemo all this week and by next week its anyones guess about how he will be feeling.

Been a busy week for him, but he’s doing well with it so far.