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Friday the 13th. It was a good day.  Only way it could have been better was if my hunny was home to keep me warm.

Started the day with training and reports.  Then an appraisal inspection.  Lunch for Addies Bday and then off to the other property to get oriented.  Came home to a house full of kids and pizza for dinner.  Work tomorrow and babe comes home tomorrow night.

My 16 year old has yet to finish  her tattoo due to scheduling conflicts but did manage to pierce her 13 year old sisters nose and decide to tell us that she is bi sexual.  20 year old started doctors appointments for  his embryonal cancer.  CT scan is pending approval so we wait.

13 year old turns 14 in two weeks, god help me….

Pork chop has been taken in and spoiled by all….new little kitten we inherited from a neighbor.

Tax returns e filed just have to wait for the IRS to start processing them on the 23rd.

Work in the morning.