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My 20 year old son still lives at home.  He cant afford to be out in a place of his own in todays economy.  Not as a full time student anyways,  He started his first semester of college in August.  November 6th he spent 3 days in the hospital after having testicular pain for over a week.  They found a mass on his right testicle.  They treated it as an infection to try to be optimistic.  To no avail.  2 weeks later we are in the doctors office for a follow up. He is pain free but the testicle still feels off and the ultra sound still reflects the mass.  Treatment: Remove the testicle.  98% chance its cancer.  So we schedule surgery for 2 days later.  11/30 he has a right radial orchiectomy procedure done.  Dec 7th.  Follow up at the dr office.  Its Cancer.  2 types.  Aggressive, non aggressive.  He has one of the aggressive types.  Embryonal Cancer.  He needs chemo therapy.  CT scans to make sure it hasn’t spread, since it tends to.

He is now down to 1 testicle.  And chemo will fuck up his fertility.  Some people regain it while others don’t.

Cue moms love for research.  Sperm banks make money man!  I have found that some of them will try to discount the initial storage cost if its due to cancer treatments.  And I have found that there is a company that does try to help with costs.  Application process is in depth and requires doctor assistance, but do-able qualification wise.

The major issue is the lack of insurance.  He is on shared cost Medicaid so if his bills meet the required $3777.00 a month he will have all his bills covered.  If not, we are responsible for them.  Trying to get my ducks in a row to make this work.  Need to call the clinic to see the oncologist so we can have an idea of what type of treatments are needed for the sperm bank application information.  He is going to want the CT scans and bloodwork to probably be able to tell what exactly needs to be done for how long.  So the mad dash to try to get enough expense in a short enough time period to get him properly diagnosed, covered and treated is going to be interesting.

In the meantime, he is in absolute denial.  He knows, he can tell you, he understands it, but he doesn’t.  He will tell you what the doctor told him…but its like auto repeat.  It doesn’t compute.  He hasn’t figured out yet what it really means for him.  He’s 20.  He has no clue.  SO, all I can do is cover his ass as best I can now so 5-10 years from now if he wants kids of his own, he can have them.  All I can do now is research, get enough explanation and information so that when it crashes in on him during chemotherapy, I can be the rock he needs.

Just hoping that 2- 3 treatments is all he needs and it hasn’t spread already.  Cut him some slack somewhere….poor kid.