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I come from a large fertile family.  My grandmother had 7 kids.  My mother had 4 kids.  My sisters and I have 12 kids.  So, after having 4 kids of my own I was practically begging the doctors for a tubal ligation.  I asked 4 different ones over the last 5 years.  And every time I was told, there are too many other options on the market and there was no need for surgery.  After my last daughter was born January 2003 I went back on the pill.  And for 13+ years now I have been on the pill…..I have no intentions of having any  more children.

In October my insurance was cancelled.  So, I went to the local clinic for birth control.  Again, I want no more children.  Had to do something.  When I was there I asked about a tubal and of course she was like oh sure.  We can do that.  No problem.  Sign this 30 day wait period form and then someone will be in contact with you.  I sign the paper and wait 30 days.  Someone contacted me and referred me out to a doctors office for the procedure. Im still under the assumption that tuabls require an overnight stay at the hospital and surgery.  I am very wrong!  Get into the doctors office and   Im told its an in office procedure and they can do it laparascopically in as little as 2 hours+/-.  And on top of that she says we can do it Friday if you like.  Its Tuesday….I was like..oh yeah…but next Friday…lol.

Im told no sex til the surgery, no eating or drinking 12 hours before.  Driver has to drop me and pick me up.  I show up, sign in, at 1:30 as scheduled,  and get taken back.  Strip and put the gown on and get led into the surgery room.  Lay down, doctors puts an I.V. in my arm and tells me Im going to start smelling and tasting stuff…check…as hes talking to me I pass out.  I wake up in recovery and my sons picking me up.  I was home and in bed by 3:40.  I slept til a little after 6.  Get up and I feel good.  1 small incision in my belly button.  Cant even find the incision..lol.  A little tender in the mid section for a couple of days and shoulder pain from the gas that got left behind but other than that all good.

And the best part is, Im now off my pills and good to go.  No more having to remember to get up and take it at the same time every day.  No having to pick them up or make appointments to get them.  Im set.


Follow up appointment was yesterday.  Doctor put the incision so far into my belly button we cant hardly see it. But its healed and good to go.  Loving it!