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He met her in 7th grade at the middle school they went to.  She was one of 5 kids in her home and very gothish.  She would complain of sexual abuse in her early years and a physically abusive mother who would beat her for no reason and lie to the cops about it.

She wanted to be more, you could tell.  And yet, she was everything she hated about her mother without even trying.  She was conniving, vindictive, manipulative and a liar.  She would use and abuse you without even blinking and think nothing of it when you pointed it out to her.

Her mother would disappear days at a time leaving her responsible for the household.  She got pregnant the first time at 16.  He was in PA with his dad at the time and flipped out when she told him.  When he came home, things were a constant battle.  They would continue the off n on relationship of love and hate.

Over the years I would attempt to help her.  Encourage her with her daughter and her schooling and her goals.  I would help her when I could in any way I could.

In November she accused me of not liking her because I didnt like her telling my daughter how to take care of her daughter while she was here.  Thats not true at all.  I have had issues with her since day one.  I have tolerated her and tried to help her and tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, repeatedly over the years, to no avail.  How she seems to think its as recent as this last October is beyond me.

She has used and the child between them to manipulate and maneuver my son repeatedly.  She has used threats of cops and threats of no contact with the child and all sorts of dirty things to manipulate him to where shes wanted him repeatedly.  And yes,  I understand that he has allowed it and it is his life, his choice.  I just cant seem to forgive her for her behavior and move beyond all of the things over the years.  Her behavior with him, me and the children as well as his siblings.

Their relationship itself is just toxic.  They ping pong between being good to each other and treating each other like shit.  Its not healthy. Not for them or for the children.

Because I choose not to play a part in her daily drama, to not be involved with her at all I lose out on my son and grandchildren.  But it is my choice.

This isnt particularly detailed because honestly over the years Ive tried to let go of all the bullshit and all the crap that Ive had to deal with with her and him.  Theres plenty that I cant seem to forget and I just dont want to take the time to write it all out.  Too much to deal with without having to think about it purposely.