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Mid July last year, Cassi gave notice and left her position as property manager with me here at work.  When she did this, I inherited all the Managers responsibilities as well as my bookkeeping responsibilities.  The company hired in a temp full time who had temped for the company over the past 4 years.  When he came in, he was good at sales and leasing but wasn’t good with the computer or any of the required leasing agent reports required.  So, I let him do what little he could and I handled everything else while slowly training him on what he could handle.  About the time I had finally gotten him trained enough that I could go back to taking a day off during the week, instead of working 6 days a week, he started with his medical troubles.  And so again, I was back to 6 days a week.  He was so heavily medicated pre surgery that he had no energy and just wasn’t very there.  So I again stepped in and picked up the slack.  He was a good person and didn’t deserve what was happening to him and I didn’t want it to cost him his job as well.  Now here we are, 5 months later and I’m constantly working 6 days a week, 20-30 hours of overtime a paycheck.  Its killing me.  I have little down time and with all the work going on at the property I’m hesitant to just take off and let someone fill in.  Mostly because I know who they’d send and the two choices aren’t good.  Granted, its just a day in the week and it wont all come crashing down if I’m not here, but I did have to take a weekday off last week and when I got back in the next day it felt like I’d left for a week with all the work I had to handle.

Now comes my issue….having met someone, I really want to spend more time with him, and it seems, both of us just work….the only day I have off right now is Saturday and the only weekend days he can work are Saturdays.  So this leaves us scrambling to see each other when we can during the week and as much as possible Saturday evenings to Sunday mornings before I have to be to work at 10am.  Not to mention I’m still trying to find time and things to do with the kidlets so they don’t feel neglected or left out.

I have had temps filling in sporadically for the leasing agent position, but really they’re just answering phones and showing the model, when someone is there.  Last week I worked Monday and Friday alone in the office.

Not knowing what’s going on with my leasing agent and his recovery was a little frustrating, but mostly it didn’t really much matter.  Even when he comes back there’s still the question of how much he’s recovered and can handle. After tonight, it is no longer my concern as he wont be returning to this property.  So, that leaves me with temps or the two guys corporate bounces from property to property. These are my only options because the property is now under contract and hiring anyone is almost impossible.  This sucks because it means Im looking at no downtime in the foreseeable future.  And no reliable help either.  Being only one person, I will crash and burn at some point.  I need to find a way to schedule some time off, soon.