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So, I’ve worked with my current company for 14 months now.  My second interview was with the owner.  He hired me that day.  So as I was sitting in the next office over filling out employee paperwork he starts in on one his assistants.  Calling him all sorts of names and pretty  much ridiculing and degrading him constantly.  The woman who is working wit me on the paperwork quietly apologizes for him.

Now, A year into my job I haven’t had to interact too much directly with the owner.  Until recently that is.  I’m convinced the man is Bi polar or something along those lines.  How can you switch gears from screaming at and berating one employee then 2 seconds later speak as kindly as ever to the other one.  What I mean is, he will call, scream at my co worker about how dumb she is how stupid she is what’s wrong with her and she should know this or that then ask to talk to me and act like he was never a raging madman on the phone 2 seconds ago….

He also seems to like playing one against the other, just for kicks it seems.  What I mean by this is, he seems inclined to tell you, or me rather, about the issues he has with the other employees around me, as if I need or want to know any of this.  Is he looking for me to do something about it or agree with him or gossip with him??  I usually just let him talk himself out then hang up…N

Now, knowing from experience and observation over the last year I know he will talk nice to you then bad about you without a thought.  So, when he talks to me about them I have to wonder what it is he’s saying about me to others….

Don’t tell me you want me to be more, do more and that when he retires I wont be one of the ones to go and expect me to trust your words.  I know better.  Especially after you just ranted to me about how horrible my co worker is and how you intend to replace her here and shift her to another community.  Or how you demoted another of your long term employees and plan to shift him for re training…..I don’t want to know these things.  It puts me in an awkward position with my friends and co workers.

How do you handle things when you get put in this situation???