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OK, so I met a guy on a dating site.  We passed messages a bit learning about each other then texted some.  Within the first few text messages I had red lights blazing at me, but thought, give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Heres the dealio:

He is 45 & divorced, has a 9 year old son with his ex wife.  Whom he described as just wanting a paycheck regardless of the fact that he had other bills to pay to live.

Strike 1!

He bought a house in his exes neighborhood to be close to his son.  While he may think this looks like being an awesome dad, to a potential partner it reeks of drama and possible nightmares.

Strike 2!

Then, we finally set a date to meet at a Starbucks once he dropped his son off at his exes.  He texted early in the day his ex may work later than 8 so he would update me on a time to meet.  Not, Hey I may  need to be later or reschedule, but, my ex is working later so….at which point I didn’t hear from him til the next morning when he apologized and blamed it on his ex for busting his balls and ruining his night.  He took no responsibility for the fact that it would have taken a minute to text a cancellation…

Strike 3!

Now, given the facts as I noted them I replied thanks but no thanks.  I wasn’t interested in being with someone who still let his ex interfere with his life so much.  He replied it wasn’t like that.  I ask how it is…not much of an answer came back at all.  When I called him out on the blaming of his ex and the lack of communication on his part, he called me paranoid.  Then told me there were certain risks to dating.


For some odd reason he felt the need to text me yesterday for Easter…..I sware I must have some kind of neon sign I don’t see that says, “Screw with me” on it.