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So the 12-year-old has been pushing buttons for a while now.  I’ve talked with the roommate about it.  His kids were pretty much the reason I decided roommates was best.  She walks around like I’m not here and pretty much says and does what she wants.  Especially when her dad isn’t around. Pretty much daring me to say anything to her, because anytime I do, it’s the end of the world.  She has to go call her surrogate mom and tattle all about how I was mean to her and what I said and then her dad has to get on the phone to yet again explain the entirety of the situation.

This morning I had to take the kids to school since I had a 9 o’clock doctors appointment and he took the bus to work.  The 12-year-old was in the front seat waiting when I told her the 11-year-old called front seat coming down stairs.  The 12-year-old was not happy about this as she continued with the mumblings of its my turn and I want front on the way home……  Turns is new to me since they always “call” seat positions as they head to the car for the back seat, which I said to her and she says we always take turns in the front.  I replied then it should apply to the backseat as well.  She says, I don’t like the middle seat, to which I replied, neither do my two but they sit there.  She continued mumbling and at that point I just said shut up.  Shut your mouth just be quiet I don’t want to hear anything from any of you.  She continued mumbling…..at this point I commented, go ahead and call your dad and tell him you don’t want to live with us anymore cuz that’s getting old too.  She says, I am moving out, I said good.  There were more words exchanged with the whole shut up and I will get you to school and pick you up just keep quiet to which she kept going.  I told her I wasnt her dad and didn’t have to take the rudeness and disrespect and she said something.  I commented that it’s a shame your dad cat be happy because you girls keep causing problems to which she replied, you’re not even his girlfriend anymore so its none of your business, to which my instant reply was, bitch it is my business you live in my house.  She kept running her mouth at which point I pulled over and told her to get out.  She says, you have to take me to school.  I said get out.  SHe says Fine I’m going home.  Now at this point, I’m pissed.  I text her dad and tell him its time for them to move out.  He called of course, I told him what happened and then he called her and called back.  She tells him I called her all kinds of names, which I only said Bitch once.  So, really…whatever. He wants to get all high horse with me about calling her a bitch and no-one calls her that not him or her mom.  BullShit!  I’ve heard you call her and her sister that and more when you’ve been mad so don’t get all holier than thou on me cuz I know better.  I didn’t call her anything I havent called my kids before.  Like I told him, I call it like I see it.  If you’re being a bitch you’re being a bitch.

He tells me, Sorry my kids defend themselves.  Are you fucking kidding me.  Theres defense, which there was no need for and then there’s outright rude and disrespectful.  Theres a difference.

He says the end of the month they’ll be out, I say she better be on her best behavior.  His response was to tell me not to make smartass remarks and she wont reply.  Umm..No….I’m the adult, I’m the parent Im not the one who needs to change my behavior.  Dont tell me how I have to behave around your child.  Your child needs to watch her ass, shes the child and the one who needs to be more respectful.  Period.

We were sitting at the dinner table two nights ago and she made a comment that made him mad and he kicked her under the table.  Her instant reaction was to punch him in the leg to which his reply was …Nothing,  absolutely nothing.  I think that was the turning point for me.  The fact that he allowed her to get away with that action just set me on edge.  Youre the parent.  Fucking act like it.  Teach your kids some damn respect and discipline.

So, he posts random comments on his Facebook, one of which had to do with people showing their true colors.  True Colors…I havent said or done anything I havent said or done since day one.  What you’re seeing now is two months in and a lack of patience after constantly dealing with bullshit.  At some point, patience and nice go away.  Thats what happens when someone pushes ad pushes and pushes.  So, what you’re seeing is a result of youre own inactions and your daughters’ actions.  You don’t like it, you should have prevented it from happening in the first place.

Your actions have shown me exactly where I stand and where you stand.  Your daughter skips school after this morning and shes down at the pool having a good time like its just another day.  Way to go!  Great parenting skills.  How about a little discipline in there…no..ok….no wonder she acts the way she does.