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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Well, things are finally looking up. I have a job working for a company that is awesome so far. I went in for an initial interview and took a test on excel and typing in word. Then they scheduled me for a second interview with the owner. He told me he had two other candidates, one perfect for accounting, one perfect for the sales and what not and then me in the middle. I am familiar with bookkeeping in QuickBooks but not familiar with AMSI or apartment complexes. He also told me that it was my appraisal experience that allowed him to hire me over the others for this particular property. He was very interested in my ability to do property inspections and assess values and what not. I’m just happy he gave me the opportunity to utilize the skills I have and add to them with the training for this particular type of job.
He sent me to one of the other apartments he owns for training with a woman who is very good at what she does. I’ve learned a lot in the 4 days I’ve been in her office so far and I look forward to learning more hopefully. I’m a little nervous about transferring to the property I will actually be working at since she has had issues with the girls at that property currently. She warned me to make sure I cover my butt with tons of notes and follow ups on anything I ask to have done so I don’t get in trouble. I’m sure I can handle it, but its daunting to think about with not knowing exactly what I’m going into.
The kids have been on Spring Break since Friday last week. They’ve spent a lot of time at the pool as well as the park and just hanging out outside in general. I’m so jealous of them. They’re so tan and all I do is burn!
I met a guy on a dating site who happened to live within the same community as me. He has 2 girls near my girls’ ages so they’ve all been congregating lately. His daughters keep calling me his girlfriend even though we’ve hardly talked since I started working. He finds it amusing that they tease him so much since they never did it with any of his other girlfriends.
My roommate and I have had to work out some issues as of late. My 13 year old was acting out and being very defiant lately on top of the other girls not doing what they were supposed to. He was angry things weren’t exactly as he expected them to be. We worked it out and now things are getting better. I let him know that I wasn’t interested in him romantically and that he was more than welcome to date. I only mentioned it since he was hoping that after 3 years of waiting he might actually get a chance to be with me, which just didn’t happen. I wanted to make sure he understood where I was and that he wasn’t waiting for me.
The ex in NC has started “dating” a girl he met before I left. She was somewhat of a concern before with all the “issues” she listed on her profile. I mentioned my concerns as we always are always open and honest about those things with each other. It turned out shortly thereafter it was a non issue as she had an issue with one of his stalker exes and she ended up blocking him saying she’d rather not deal with him and any more of his drama. Somewhere along the line she got bored or lonely I guess because she started talking to him again. They met up for pool, one thing led to another and now they’re talking all night long and supposedly in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him, but I’m worried that things will yet again bite him in the ass when she gets jittery or annoyed or bored. He doesn’t let go easy and he takes things to heart a lot. He doesn’t handle break ups well. I wish him the best. He knows I will always be there for him regardless.
I’m excited about my new job because not only does it mean good money, but the idea of getting my own car and possibly having a place to live on site where I work at a discounted price is just awesome. Granted, it’s down the road a bit, but the possibility is just wow! It also means that hopefully sooner than later I can get my son back in FL where he wants to be.
I’m concerned, although I know I shouldn’t be, about the drug test I had to go in and take last Wednesday. In office the lady did the test twice with the combo dip strip thing and twice it came up positive for methamphetamine. I don’t do drugs, smoke or drink at all. Never have. So I asked her if my set of prescription pills would typically pop positive for that and she said no. So I got worried. I came home and double checked my pills and called the pharmacy to see if she could find anything on it. In the meantime the lab sent the urine to the large lab for more detailed testing. I’m still working so I can only assume the detailed testing showed my prescriptions and not methamphetamines as the smaller test showed. But the fact that it popped positive to begin with worries me. If it shows up that way do I really want to be taking that combination of medications?? I take Vitamin D (once a week), Duloxetine (Cymbalta), Amethia (birth control) and Omeprazole (Prilosec). Lately I have been taking generic acid reducers since I haven’t been able to get my Omeprazole filled with the moving between states and what not. It seems like such a benign collection of meds to show positive for such a nasty drug.
I have been struggling with trying to get my sleep schedule under control. Even now I should be sleeping and I just can’t. I was tired as all earlier and now I’m wide awake. It’s hard to go from sleeping during the day to sleeping at night and working 9-5. I know I can do it, I did it for years, and it’s just a change from what I’ve been doing the last year or so now. Not to mention the really weird dreams I have these days.
My 13 year old has hit another growth spurt these last few weeks. She’s back to waking up about 2 or 3 in the morning crying because her legs/calves hurt. The doctor told me when she was younger that its growing pains and there is nothing we can do for it really. So we give her an ibuprofen and try a warm bath when she feels like it. She’s the only one of my kids who hurts like she does with the growing pains. But she’s also the only one they told me would be tall, very tall. I’d say over the last few weeks she is now my height if not maybe just a little taller. Anyone else ever have to deal with anything like that? Any suggestions for pain relief?