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Ok so update…..About 3 weeks ago I was taken to lunch and told my job title was changing. It went from office manager to Executive administrator. Needless to say my job responsibilities stayed the same and now I had to become a Directv expert and a personal assistant to one of the other bosses. I was pretty much told if I couldn’t do that they had no use for me in the office.
Its a holiday week at the office and just about everyone took off on Friday so of course I made sure to go in to answer phones and because I needed the hours. James made it a point to say I had to be there on Friday. So little did I know….
The “firing” I had been expecting for weeks had finally come. 4 o’clock Boss 1 and Boss 2 walk into the office and then I hear the door close behind me. I look back and of course Boss 1’s wife is there with her handy dandy notepad. Of course I know what this is all about.
As a side note, I had asked on Tuesday if I could get a pay advance on my check of $600.00. I didn’t hear from them all week and just let it go assuming they didn’t want to do it. Boy was I wrong… I had asked for the advance because I was behind by the $500+ I had loaned dickhead. He still hasn’t paid me a cent of that money back and I’m struggling to keep up. He just keeps giving me bullshit excuses and telling me he’s putting money in my account that never shows up….regardless, it wasn’t as if I was asking for something I wasn’t earning or having taken directly out of my paycheck.
“We have to have a conversation/meeting” I was told. This started with, “Its been about 3 weeks since our talk and I don’t think things have changed and nothing I’ve heard says otherwise.” Then he goes into how my absences since January have cost him over $1,000 to which I commented, I don’t get paid when I’m out. He says he has to compensate when I’m not in. Now I know I missed last Friday because I felt like shit, I missed 2 days due to stress and an anxiety attack and prior to that I missed 2 days due to strep throat and Boss 2 wouldn’t let me come in until the drs said I was no longer contagious. 2 days of pay I missed and couldn’t afford to. Other than that I don’t remember missing any other whole days. An hour here or there for an appointment, but I’ve always made it a point to come in before/after or both. Anyways, this leads into him effectively saying I have nerve asking them for an advance for all the money I’ve cost them already. And that lead into, it really pissed them off that on Monday when I found out 2 of us were out on Friday I told boss 1’s wife she should have called. I was home and would have come in if I had known. Well of course this led them to the automatic conclusion that I just took the day off for the fun of it and that threw into question any other days I had taken off previously. Then Boss 1 made some comment about my pay rate, position and what not that I had done things he would have never considered or something to that effect…which I still have no clue what the hell he was talking about. I didn’t bother asking because at this point why bother. Boss 2 got his two cents in with how I kept fucking up this and that….which in my defense…I messed up one quote by stressing and overthinking it. As for the messing up accounts in QuickBooks…he’s full of it. I did exactly what he told me to do and he assumed I didn’t do something or other. And, I have no power or authority in that office but I was supposedly supposed to know things that I didn’t….he mentioned something about me setting up the item list wit the ruckus equipment and I added it as inventory items mistakenly and then had to remove and correct the issue. But apparently I was supposed to already know that I was supposed to have entered it as non inventory….if you say so.. through this entire somewhat conversation, more of a berating belittling downsizing the tears started flowing. And the more they talked the more pissed I got. Yes, I cry when I’m angry..and I laugh when I’m hurt..I’m just that kind of weird…so needless to say I’m trying to talk around the anger and tears and all I could say was..I’m not sure what you want from me at this point. Boss 2 has no faith in my abilities doesn’t trust me to do anything and I’ve actually made attempts at slowing down and doing better, which I thought I was doing. I can say Ill try harder or do better, but really what’s the point….So Boss 1 says I think we should just end it here to which I replied fine with me. I packed my things and left.
So, not only did they deny the advance, they did so in a way that was belittling and cost me my job.
So, I dropped the 16 year old off to his dad at the half way point this morning and drop the girls to their dad at the half way point tomorrow…then Monday I get to job hunt…fun fun…and file for unemployment and everything else I can think to do to keep my bills paid and find a good job that doesn’t involve so many different personalities and opinions with the running of the company.