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I expect some amount of sibling rivalry..and I expect the lazy slack ass attitudes most days. But to tell you the truth, Im really getting tired of all the name calling, slapping, poking, prodding arguments and blame that gets tossed around like its nothing. Im tired of playing referee and having to deal with the disrespect and rude comments that are thrown back and forth.
I love you all! I gave birth to each one of you, but if temperaments don’t change for the better soon, mommas gonna start swinging back, and momma don’t lose.
Stop antagonizing your older brothers. Stop acting like brats. Stop acting like self righteous do gooders when youre just as bad as your younger sisters.
Im sure in some way I am to blame for your behaviors…..Im your mom and I raised you so…Im sure somewhere in there I did or didn’t do something that led you to believe this attitude at home was acceptable. Well, rule change! No more! I am sick and tired of all the whining and tattle tailing and pouting that goes on here. Not a one of you is young enough to be throwing such tantrums and pity parties!
You will behave like the 10, 12, 16 and 18 year olds you are or else!