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Well!  I interviewed on Wednesday via phone for a job I applied for on Craigslist that morning.  I interviewed in person on Thursday and got hired. I started work on Friday!  Needless to say, I have been a little busy.  Especially since, with no car, I’m having to take the bus to and from work everyday.  New experience for me.  I’m afraid I have been quite spoiled, always having a car to get where I need to go.  The bus schedule is a bit odd for the route I have to take so I have to get up at 5 to be to the bus stop by 6:25 am. That bus takes me to the station to transfer to the next bus that doesn’t come in until 7:30.  So, I sit at the train station for about an hour every morning.  Then, I have to catch the 5 pm bus to get to the train station to wait another 45+/- minutes to catch the 6:15 bus home.  Talk about looooong days!  So far, I love what IM doing and the people I’m working with.

School work has been challenging since I have been getting up sooo early, getting home so late, and then having kids, cooking, homework and what not I’m ready to crash once th girls are in bed at 9.  The last thing I wanna do is drag my tired butt down stairs and work on classwork.  But..I was able to make myself stay up til almost midnight last night so that I could get the assignment that was due in on time.  I will probably have a late night again tomorrow night as well, but at least I can sleep in on Saturday!  Wow!  I’m looking forward to the weekend!!  Awesome!

Things around the house are kinda weird.  The ex is still here with us and he seems to be taking things oddly.  I’m not sure why he is acting how he is, and when questioned he says he’s dealing…IM not sure what there is to deal with.  It was a mutual decision he initiated.  He has other things going on to that IM not aware of but im not sure what.  I’m not sure I even wanna know really.  I can only assume he is yet again burying himself in debt by sending as much money as he can to his ex.  Not my business anymore.  SO long as he doesn’t screw me and leave me to handle everything before we can make arrangements that consider both parties then he can spend his money however he pleases.

The kids are all good.  My 18-year-old finally got to go to the school to pre test for his GED.  He was super excited that he was the highest test score out of the 30 some odd people who tested with him. Needless to say he doesn’t  have to take courses, jut the exam, which he can’t take until the first week in October.

More late..tooo tired…must find my pillow….soon….