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Have you ever watched a movie and thought.ehh…it was ok..not great..but ok.  That was how I felt about John Carter when I saw it.  It wasnt something Id watch again if given the choice but it wasnt horrible either.  But for some reason, I have that damn movie stuck in my head…and really..its me being silly…little things…

I tend to nitpick things a lot in movies…just so unrealistic..considering this one was about a man sending a copy of his body to Mars..well..duh..it was obviously supposed to be fantastical.

The first thing that was off for me was the scene where they screwed up the continuity with the nephew and the lawyer and the diary.  The lawyer hands it to the nephew and he twirls it around and looks at it…then the lawyer is off and the nephew goes to read the journal at which point..hmmm..now he has to turn it towards himself…again…lol

The other things that keep bugging me about the movie are the ending I guess.  I even had to re watch this stupid movie since it left me feeling like I missed some important explanation along the way…to no avail..I have now watched this thing twice and it’s still bouncing around in my head…and heres why….

The whole movie seems to take place over a matter of days on Mars, but when the wizardish guy sent him back to his body on earth, the skeleton of the military guy he left behind is practically ancient..leading me to believe time is different on Mars???  Then by his own account in his story to his nephew and through the telling of his lawyer..it took him over 10 years! to find a medallion to send himself back.  And of course its the whole :awww he’s going back to her” moment, but really all I can think about is..how long has it been on Mars while he was back on earth?  What has the wizardish guy done while he’s been away?  And what will he be going back to?  And hows he going to beat the wizardish guy when he gets back?!

I know..its a stupid movie..let it go..but its silly things like that that stick in my head and for some reason wont go away..lmao

Funny enough..I do this with books too…lol